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Las Ardillas:[editar | editar código]

I'd stare him down (down) if the big bad wolf was coming (uh-huh)

I'd scream loud (loud), keep your paws off my woman (uh-huh)

I'll tell ya now, love will make you do some crazy things

Love, love, love, love, love

You've got me going, you've got me going out of my mind

Ooh girl, what's a guy gotta do to get to, you girl

I wanna, I wanna love you baby

I want you to call me your man

Ooh girl, baby don't you understand

Oh, I would do anything (hey)

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Alvin:[editar | editar código]

Tell me baby (hey)

Wha-wha-what do I gotta do? (hey)

T-to tell me baby (hey)

To ge-ge-get close to you

Las Ardillas:[editar | editar código]

You got me going, you got me going out of my mind

Ooh girl, baby you don't understand

Oh I would do anything

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